Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One of those days

Yesterday was one of those days. I swear, it started out great but did not stay that way.

First off, I was bored to death with nothing to do or wanted to do.
The dog is just not cooperating with house training. What dog pees in a crate? It's just not suppose to happen. I take him out a lot. It's not like he goes cause I am not letting him out. He is only in the crate when I cannot keep an ye on him or when I leave. He also just goes wherever he is. UGH I love him but this is frustrating cause the smell of urine on a dog is nasty and my carpet is starting to look like shit.

Then the kids, after they got home from school just would not behave. They fought about who played the game first, then who had what toy.... I wanted to pull my hair out.

Thank goodness by the end of the night things calmed down. I ended up watching a movie I got for free :) I rented W. and it was so dumb and boring. What a waste of a movie choice.

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