Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturdays are suppose to be fun right?

I was quite tired this morning after being out till after 12am with a good friend. Went and saw Duplicity. It was ok. Kind of slow in parts and didn't seem to get anywhere till the end, and I had it figured out way before the middle of it.
Had Chris go and get us Doughnuts. They were a treat. I like the Entenmanns', actually really the only ones I will eat. So I was happy to have it for breakfast.
Then after breakfast I decided to get some laundry hung on the line. I love when it is warm enough to hang dry clothes. I love the smell of the laundry, the feel, and also how much it saves me with electricity lol Its also just a great thing to pass the time doing. Call me old fashion.
Also cleaned up the backyard, which needed it. I had mowed the lawn the day before so today I cleaned up where the swing set had been and got it looking like a normal part of the yard. The kids were happy to be able t play back there. Seeing we have a huge backyard, its a good place to play and be able to relax and watch them play.
After 2 loads of hanging laundry, cleaning the backyard, cleaning the highchair and cleaning up in the house, I am wiped out. It has been some time since so little has made me tired.
I am making spaghetti and homemade meatballs, with garlic bread. After dinner I hope to sit and relax reading a book I just bought and then call it a night.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sorry for being MIA

When my husband comes home things get busy around here. The few days following his arrival is tied up with cleaning, laundry you name it, so he actually thinks I do something around here while he is gone a month lol
He is now home after being gone over 30 days! I swear it feels longer each time. He came in last night at 11pm, so we were all tired and slept in this morning.
Now it's time to tend to him and love all over him and spend time as a family. I will try and get on more to just keep up with the blog, if I can.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Publix shop

I did quite well today at Publix.

Here is what I got and how I did it:

2 Del Monte Whole Kernel Corn $.79 each
Used 2 $.75 off coupons found here
$.04 each after coupon

6 boxes of Hamburger Helper (Tuna, and Hamburger) $1.95/2
Used 2/$1.00 off 3 coupon here
$3.85/3 after sale and coupons

2 A&W Rootbeer 2/$1.70

After all sales and coupons I paid $5.63

One of those days

Yesterday was one of those days. I swear, it started out great but did not stay that way.

First off, I was bored to death with nothing to do or wanted to do.
The dog is just not cooperating with house training. What dog pees in a crate? It's just not suppose to happen. I take him out a lot. It's not like he goes cause I am not letting him out. He is only in the crate when I cannot keep an ye on him or when I leave. He also just goes wherever he is. UGH I love him but this is frustrating cause the smell of urine on a dog is nasty and my carpet is starting to look like shit.

Then the kids, after they got home from school just would not behave. They fought about who played the game first, then who had what toy.... I wanted to pull my hair out.

Thank goodness by the end of the night things calmed down. I ended up watching a movie I got for free :) I rented W. and it was so dumb and boring. What a waste of a movie choice.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Another day

Well, the good thing is about another day is that its a another day closer to Chris being home. Only 2 more days to go.... I cannot wait. I really miss him a ton this time.

I have a few minor things to do today.

* Laundry
* Dishes
* Sweep kitchen and dinning room
* Mop kitchen and dinning room

Thats about it, not going to do too much today.

I do hope to get started on watching my home movies. I am going to start from the beginning and see how far I can get today. I love watching old memories.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

What a eye opener

Today I attended a memorial of a dear sweet woman I have known almost all my life. Such a wonderful, kind hearted person. She was always so sweet to my kids and to my sister and I growing up. The memories brought up today was hard to take and I did break down at one time but it was so nice to hear such wonderful things about her and her life.

It did get me thinking. I only hope that when I die I will be loved and remembered as she was. I doubt it though. I know that in my past and now I have not been the best person I know I can be. I can be mean, sassy, cruel, brutally honest.... My intentions, about 98% of the time, is not to hurt anyone, it's just what I have become accustomed to. I have just let myself be a hateful person and I have really no reason to be.

I am a very lucky person. Life has brought me many great things and I should be thankful for every one of them. I have a AWESOME, loving, caring, thoughtful husband. He is the best thing that has happened to me other then my kids. He is a great father to our 3 boys. My kids are a blessing. I just do not know what I would do without them. They have made me cherish every moment I have with them, cause they make every minute worth it! I have great friends. This is a hard thing for me, I don't have many. I am very picky on who I allow in my life and tend to push people away after a period of time, not really sure why I do this. But the few that I do have are wonderful people. They make me laugh, happy, they care about me, they think of me when I need it.

So I hope that in the future I can accept a new me. Try to be nicer, more thoughtful to others, even those I do not know. Not to let the little things get to me, or effect me in a negative way. To not let everything get to me. To be nice to those that are not nice to me or are hateful of me for whatever reason.


Today I go to a memorial for a woman I have known almost all my life. She went to the church I attended from almost birth. Even though I stopped going all the time at age 17 or so, I still saw her and she knew all my kids.
She was a very nice person and will be missed.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Uneventful Day

My cold is getting better and almost gone, thank goodness. I hate being sick with 3 kids alone and to top it off, they are all sick. I do not recommend it.

I stuck around home most of the day. Cleaned some, laundry, made the boys room and mine up.
Finally got to putting my laundry away. I am so bad about that. I can put theirs up but never get to mine. I guess after the 15th load and 3 kids closets, I get tired.

Made Hamburgers and hot dogs, baked potatoes and beans. Of course everyone was happy with that meal, finally. I swear, I have the pickiest kids ever! I have no idea where they get it from lol

Made a yellow cake with Chocolate icing. Cannot wait to grab a slice or three and chow down. Also with a cup of nice hot Starbucks coffee, mmmmmmmmmmm

Thank goodness its the weekend.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


The kids have been fed, bathed, dog has been walked. The laundrty has been washed and put away.
The bedding has been washed, the kitchen has been mopped.
I got groceries for the week, planned the meals for the week.
Now it is time to go sit, relax and snack on something while watching my shows for the night.

Weekly Menu

I just stocked up on food for the week. Here is what I have planned for dinners for the week.

* BBQ Chicken, baked potatoes, beans

* Sandwiches and chips

* Hamburgers, Hot dogs, chips, beans
Great hamburger recipe here

* Fish and Chips

* Hamburger Helper

* Macaroni and Cheese

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Not feeling so well

I woke up not feeling well. I swear this cold or whatever it is, is kicking my butt.
I am going to head to Target to snag some good deals I saw, but thats about all I am going to do today.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A puppy can wear you out

This dog is so sweet and playful. We just figured out that he loves to play soccer and also loves the Frisbee. He is hilarious with the Frisbee, it has a hole in the middle and he kept getting his paws in the middle while trying to chew it and run, not a good combo.

Walgreens shop

I must say right up front that I HATE the local Walgreens here. They are a bunch of idiots, as far as the person who rung me up and the manager. Not knowing the rules, being rude and also being out of stock on a lot of what they advertised! Which is false advertisement!
If it had been done the way I planned and if they had done it the way I had planned I would have walked away with saving more, but I digress.
I am just going to stick with CVS, they are awesome and the people there are nice and know what they are doing.

Here is what I bought:

3 Listerine Mouthwash 3/$9.99
Get $6.00 RR
Used 3/$3.00 coupon
After coupons and RR $.99

2 Tylenol Cold liquid 2/$ 9.98
Get $3.00 RR
Used 2/$2.00 coupons
After coupons and RR $2.98

1 Revelon Embry Board set$1.59
Used $1.00 coupon
After coupon $.59

2 Hefty One zip bags BOGO free $3.29
Used 2/$.55
After coupons $2.99

1 Neosporin to go spray $3.99
Used $1.00 coupon
After coupon $2.99

After all was said and done paid $9.95 SAVED $28.36

Some of this I did not have to buy but I needed it and saved more then if I had waited and paid full price.

Happy St. Patricks Day

Good morning everyone. Today is St Pattys Day! I hope you do not forget to wear Green.
I dressed all the boys in green so they do not get pinched at school (are they even allowed to do that anymore?)
I have a lot to do today but feeling sick, so who knows how much I will get done. Wish me luck!

On my To Do List is:

* Pay Water Bill
* Do my Walgreens Savings shop
* Go to Walmart and grab some things for dinner
* Laundry, I swear its never ending

Monday, March 16, 2009

Finally, the end of the day

Today went by pretty fast. Got some of my chores done. I still need to put the laundry away but I dread doing it, so it can wait till tomorrow.

Made some homemade pizza tonight for dinner. It was yummy as always, too bad I made too much. I m use to making for 5 and not for 2-3, since my kids eat like birds.

I rented Made of Honor with the free Redbox code I get every Monday, so now that all the kids have had their baths, and in their PJ's, I am going to make myself some Decaf coffee and watch my movie.
Till tomorrow.....

To Do List 3-16-09

I dont have much planned for today but here is what I have on my to do list

* Clean Master Bathroom
* Laundry (put away and wash 2 loads)
* Clean stairs
* Clean off Dressers in Master Bedroom

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Kitchen Cleaning and CVS trip



I got the kitchen done. Took some time. I am ashamed that my kitchen really looked pitiful and cluttered.
I took some before and after. I cleaned the sink, the cabinets inside and threw out what was needed. Stove got a dusting and cleaning and all counters were wiped off.

I also went through the CVS ad for this week after I got my newspapers and saw some great deals, so I ran up there to grab what I saw was the best deal.
I was able to grab 3 Purex Detergents, 1 Colgate toothpaste, deodorant, 2 boxes of Ritz and a bottle of Bodywash for only $2.45!!
Just got done running some of my errands, then took the puppy for a walk. He is still in progress to even moving with a leash on, but we managed to walk quite a distance with him whining the whole way lol
Now onto my kitchen cleaning.
I will take pictures from start to finish.

My to do list today

I have a few things I have planned to get done before todays ends, let's see if I can.

* Get newspapers
* Return books to library (tried reading Created to Be but just did not care for it)
* Spring kitchen cleaning (You can go here and get some great tips on accomplishing this)

It's Sunday and it's late

Got a late start to the morning. Slept till around 9am. I know, you are thinking, must be nice to sleep in and be able to do it with 3 boys.
Well, I would not call it sleeping in since I had to wake up 3 times with a dog. That can be tiring. Even more so when he decideds he wants to play in the middle of the night or ram his nose into my eye while I'm sleeping.
I am about to go make some homemade pancakes for the boys, something I do every Sunday.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hello and Welcome

I thought I would start a blog showing you what everyday is like in our home and my life.
Here is some background on me :)

I am 29 years old. I have been married to my husband, Chris for over 10 years. We have 3 beautiful boys. I have only been a housewife for about 8 years. It was rough at first, took some time to adjust to a different life, but now, and looking back, I would am so happy I made the choice to be home with my family.
Everyday as a housewife and mom is not glorious, perfect or fun, but it does have its rewards and satisfaction. Not everyday is boring or blah. You can have fun and be productive if you choose and make it a wonderful choice.
Please feel free to follow this blog, comment or even pass it on to others who you might think would enjoy a peek into my life as a happy housewife.