Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturdays are suppose to be fun right?

I was quite tired this morning after being out till after 12am with a good friend. Went and saw Duplicity. It was ok. Kind of slow in parts and didn't seem to get anywhere till the end, and I had it figured out way before the middle of it.
Had Chris go and get us Doughnuts. They were a treat. I like the Entenmanns', actually really the only ones I will eat. So I was happy to have it for breakfast.
Then after breakfast I decided to get some laundry hung on the line. I love when it is warm enough to hang dry clothes. I love the smell of the laundry, the feel, and also how much it saves me with electricity lol Its also just a great thing to pass the time doing. Call me old fashion.
Also cleaned up the backyard, which needed it. I had mowed the lawn the day before so today I cleaned up where the swing set had been and got it looking like a normal part of the yard. The kids were happy to be able t play back there. Seeing we have a huge backyard, its a good place to play and be able to relax and watch them play.
After 2 loads of hanging laundry, cleaning the backyard, cleaning the highchair and cleaning up in the house, I am wiped out. It has been some time since so little has made me tired.
I am making spaghetti and homemade meatballs, with garlic bread. After dinner I hope to sit and relax reading a book I just bought and then call it a night.

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Rob said...

YAY, I got through!! Email me Mel, I have a great idea for you.
XOXO ~Rob :)