Friday, March 20, 2009

Uneventful Day

My cold is getting better and almost gone, thank goodness. I hate being sick with 3 kids alone and to top it off, they are all sick. I do not recommend it.

I stuck around home most of the day. Cleaned some, laundry, made the boys room and mine up.
Finally got to putting my laundry away. I am so bad about that. I can put theirs up but never get to mine. I guess after the 15th load and 3 kids closets, I get tired.

Made Hamburgers and hot dogs, baked potatoes and beans. Of course everyone was happy with that meal, finally. I swear, I have the pickiest kids ever! I have no idea where they get it from lol

Made a yellow cake with Chocolate icing. Cannot wait to grab a slice or three and chow down. Also with a cup of nice hot Starbucks coffee, mmmmmmmmmmm

Thank goodness its the weekend.

1 comment:

katie said...

Oooh, if you're sharing...I'll take a piece of cake! ;-)
I'm ready for the weekend too...hope yours is spiffy and that you all get to feeling better.