Thursday, May 21, 2009

Back from a small break

I know it has almost been 2 weeks since I have updated my blog. Lots have been going on here. Some good some bad....

My husband called me last Monday to inform me he would be coming home early from work. That they had no more work for him. This was 2 weeks before he was due home, so not good. The bad part was not knowing if they would have work for him in 2 weeks, when he ran out of pay.

When he got home we hurried to get his resume and documents out there in the Merchant Mariner world. With lots of hard work and determination, he got a call yesterday and has a new job.

This is kinda scary for us. New job means new experiences... new pay schedule and also not knowing much of what the future holds.

The good thing is he will be going to a more family friendly job, better pay, better outlook on th future as far as job security.

But I have faith that this was meant to be and will be good for us.

On a good note, my 2 oldest boys had their end of the year awards. Very exciting for them both. This is the first for my second son who is in Pre-K at the school.

My oldest got the highest award given at school, the Superintendent award. This is for having a A average in all subjects throughout the school year. He made straight A's all year. I am so proud of him!
He also claimed top AR (Accelerated Reading) in his grade and almost #1 in the whole school.

My second son, received a award for most improvement in Handwriting :) He has done very well writing his name. I just cannot believe he will be in Kindergarten next year. Where has the time gone?


Melanie DeWitt said...

Way to go, Young boys!! I bet they make you proud! :)

katie said...

Hugs Mel!! I know your attitude is such a blessing to your husband.

Congrats to the boys on their achievements!! Way to go! :-)