Friday, May 8, 2009

My goals

I took a day off from the computer, because I felt being on here or the easy access of it being on all day took away from what I really should be doing. Cleaning, cooking, taking care of my kids and animals. Also taking time for myself to read or knit, things I enjoy doing.

While I was gone for that short period, I thought about some things, even though it was a day, you can sure think and do a lot in that time when you do not have the distraction of a tv or computer. I fond it sad how this technology has taken some of the best pleasures in life away.

I have wrote down some of my goals from this point on, now they might change, add on some, take away some that just are not practical, but I hop to keep to it and also add more as I go.

* Do no buy anything that is not needed or cannot afford. If I do not have the "cash" then wait on it or think hard on if I really need it on the time it takes me to save for it. I have found impulse shopping is one thing I regret in the end. I realize after I have bought it that it was just not a need but a want, and a expensive want at that.

* Pay on all the credit cards, starting with the one with less balance and get it paid off and cut up and also, if I can, cancel the account. Make a list of what I owe, the interest and amount owed. I think this will put into perspective on how much we have spent and how silly we have been about our money.

* Make a schedule of things needing to be done around here. A chore list. Keep things clean and not put it off. Keep to the schedule so I do not get behind.

* Spend less time on the computer and TV. Only get on when really needed or when I have time for me. I think I am going to allow 1 hour a day for computer time. I think I send too much time just doing things that I really don't need to be on for. What a waste of time for what I could really be doing.

I hope to add more, because I believe there are more things I could improve on for my family and myself.

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