Thursday, May 28, 2009

The past 2 days

Yesterday was ok. Was able to let the boys play on the Slip N Slide. They also got to play with the bubble maker I bought for them. They had more fun with that then the slide. Thank goodness we did it when we did, cause 1 hour later it was thundering, hard rain and lightening. I am also happy we did not waste the time going to the water park. Already a mission to get 3 kids ready to go, would have been upset to have went all that way to leave a hour or two later....

After all the rain wen away, a beautiful bird came to the bird feeder we put in the front yard. I love looking over there and seeing them eat. We also have a Hummingbird feeder and one day we had about 4-5 different ones feed off of it. They came 1 after another about 5 minutes apart for a hour straight, so pretty.

Today I took the boys to Chuck E Cheese. Last minute thing. Was going to take them to the Sprinkles Museum in Jax, its a great museum just for kids. All miniature version things, like dr, gym, grocery store, you name it. Well, found out it closed :(
So my mom suggested CEC. The boys had a good time and we ended up using all the tokens I had saved for months lol

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katie said...

Is there a more wonderful sight than little boys having a good time?!