Friday, June 12, 2009

10 year Highschool reunion

I cannot believe it has been 10 years since High school. Those days were good and bad for me. I had a awkward 4 years. I was not popular and didn't have many friends....
I was bullied by a few other girls, and that has stuck with me till this very day.

Our high school reunion is this weekend. I am going... but it took a lot of yes and no's before I decided to go.

One reason I was not sure if I should go is due to the bad memories I have of the place and the people whom I went to school with.
I know I was not pretty, didn't dress the best, did not have a lot of friends in school. But we do with what we have growing up and make the best of it. My parents didn't buy me designer clothes, expensive haircuts, nice shoes, and so on.... but I was loved.
Unfortunately I think in high school, those petty things matter the most to people and that ultimately decides how popular or liked you will be.
I do not think I was a bad person. I tried to stay out of trouble, went to school, made okay grades, never tried to start fights or drama..... I know I did make some bad choices when it came to friends or boyfriends or enemies, but hey, we all do that. But I did the best I could at that age and with what I had.

Second reason for the yes and no was due to me not even graduating from the school. I ended up getting pregnant at age 18 and in 12th grade. My pregnancy was horrible and I missed lots of school because of it and had to make a choice and it was to leave school. I am going cause I feel that since I put all those years in going, all of my friends went there that I wanted to go so I could see those who I have lost touch with and still remain friends with....

I am excited and nervous at the same time. I do not do well in these types of situations. I am not shy but I am not outgoing either. I do not drink and do not go to clubs....

I guess we will see how this turns out. Either way I am glad I will be able to see those whom I miss and have such wonderful memories of and with.

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A Joyful Chaos said...

Hope you have a very enjoyable time!

Love the header of your blog!