Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Busy as a bee

From the moment I got up this morning, I have been busy busy.

After getting the kids fed and dressed, we headed to CVS to grab a FREE 8x10 I ordered online. I took a Black and White picture I took of them and used that for the free picture. I normally do not print pictures but since it was free, why not have one of the boys to frame.
Then headed to PetSmart to grab some food for the bottomless pit dog we have. Picked up a few toys for him as well since he has gotten so big and chews all the toys up in a matter of days. UGH

The big store we stopped at was Old Navy. Was eager and excited to use the $50 off $100 coupon I got online Monday. I used it to buy my husband some clothes. He needs some and since it was 50% off all men clothes, couldn't resist. I picked up some shoes for the boys and clothes for my oldest since he is the only one who does not have clothes for he next season.
I walked away with 3 bags full of clothes :)

I am exhausted. Shopping wears me out lol

Now its time to get on the list of things to do today before it's dinner time

* Deodorize Living room
* Vacuum
* Clean Master Bathroom
* Laundry
* Get trash ready for tomorrows pickup
* Clean Master Bedroom

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