Thursday, June 18, 2009

Savings Thursday

I LOVE Thursdays. This is the day I do all my grocery shopping and go to some local stores like CVS or Target to grab some last minute deals.

Today I went to CVS for a few extra things I didnt grab the past 2 times I went and then went to Publix.
CVS Shop:
1 box of Rice Krispies $.88
1 Schick Razor $ .99
2 Style Science cleaning cloths $1.98
After coupons and ECB I actually made $8.00!!!! And I have a few ECB left for my next trip.

Publix Shop:
2 Honey Maid crackers $ 2.99
4 Bic razor packs $ 2.98
2 Perdue Breaded chicken nuggets pack $ 2.39
4 Starbucks Ice Creams $ 2.58
6 Edward Pie Slices $ 5.25
After all coupons and sales I paid $16.19. Not bad for all of that.

Now that I am done with shopping, I have some cleaning to do around the house.
Here is what I need to do before dinner time:

* Laundry
* Mop kitchen and dinning room floor
* Unstack Dishes
* Organize junk drawer

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