Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Seaworld and busy week

Hubby called to say he was coming home a week early, so we decided to plan our summer SeaWorld Vacation early. It was cheaper to fly him into Orlando then Jacksonville, so this was a good reason to just swing by Orlando while there to pick him up.

The kids and I left early Friday and got to the park at 1pm. Did some walking, checked out some shows and passed the time while waiting to get hubby.

Got a hotel reservation about 6 miles from SeaWorld. It was nice. Had 3 heated pools with slides and a put put golf right on the property. We spent all 3 nights at the pool and playing golf :)

The kids were awesome and not too much trouble. Dalton even rode Journey to Atlantis for the first time and said he was not scared, but I have a feeling he won't be going on again anytime soon.

We also went to Aquatica for the first time and I was not impressed. Andrew and I stood in line for the Dolphin plunge for almost a hour and it took 20 seconds to go down and I didn't see a thing, but Andrew liked it....

I LOVE going to Seaworld. We go 2-3 times a year. We decoded to get passports for 2 years and it has been so worth it. Free admission anytime of the year, free parking, discounts on food and we get special seating right in the front :)
As soon as we got home we were busy with shopping for food, since we did not have much for being gone 3 days. Then we took the kids to the summer movies at the local theater.
Today was waterpark day and we were there a good 3 hours. It was just right as far as the temp and weather but the water was way too cold for me.

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