Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sick kids and catching up to do

I awoke this morning to my second son saying his stomach hurt. I had a feeling this would turn ugly so gave him some Ginger Ale and had his lay in my bed while I id a few things. Sure enough, the next thing I knew he got sick all over my bed. Thank goodness the bathroom was not far from the bed.
He seems to be feeling better. I hope it was just a upset tummy and not the flu (Crossing fingers) Nothing like sick kids when you are all alone.....I find no joy or humor in 3 sick kids while hubby is away, been there and done that and hoe to not have to for a long time.

Now that things have slowed down and he is feeling better, I have some catching up to do. Laundry needs to be done and I have some leaning and organizing to do....

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katie said...

Hugs for you, sweetie. Hope your little one gets better soon...and that the others don't succumb to it.