Monday, June 15, 2009

What a day

I swear when it rains it pours... I woke up to see my fridge was not working. The temp was flashing and all the food was warm or slightly cold. I thought I had left the door open a little and waited to see if it would get cold again. Well, no such luck. As soon as I finally broke down and called the appliance place the fan was making horrible noises.

The service man came out said it was yada yada and that it would be a week before the parts would come in!!! UGH I cannot live without food in the house for a week. I am lucky that my freezer is run on a different fan.
I then decided to go and buy a small fridge so we would have milk and stuff for the next week. All of my other items are shot and had to be thrown away (Bummer) But with a small fridge I could get the things we use eferyday and just buy here and there with all the rest when we needed.
Well, when I got home from getting the mini fridge, the main fridge was working Hmmmmm. Not sure whats going on, maybe he fixed it when he went in there and played around.
Since I have the small fridge I am going to wait on buying parts to fix the main fridge and see if it keeps up with the normal temp. Maybe he fixed it?
The only good thing about this whole ordeal was the box that the mini fridge came in lol Kept the boys happy for a good 1-2 hours
Now the good part for me was my 2nd CVS shop. Grabbed a few extra things today that I did not get yesterday.
I grabbed:
3 3-1 Purex complete
1 Schick Razor
1 Dial body wash
1 Excedrine Migraine
All this for $4.00 (I used coupons and ECB)

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