Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sick husband and Transformers Pillow Case

My husband was suppose to be home in 5 days but he called me yesterday saying I needed to come pick him up at the airport. That's not good....

He ended up getting a bad infection on one of his legs. It started off small and turned into something really nasty. He is on 3 different meds and having to remain in bed. The dr says its very contagious. I am really worried about him and hope that Monday hurries up so he can go back to the dr, cause he refuses to go to the ER.
But while I have had some time after taking care of him, I decided to go ahead and make a Transformers Pillow Case for my youngest. The fabric was only $3 and I thought what a simple project to sew and get some experience.
When it was done it fit perfectly and my son has not let it out of his sight since, so that's a good sign right lol

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dippidy said...

You've zoomed ahead of me on the sewing. I'm very impressed by all you're doing!

I hope your husband is better soon.