Sunday, September 27, 2009

101 post and busy as a bee

I cannot believe this is my 101 post. I would have had more by now if I had not been so busy.

I am keeping busy with apron orders and making things for myself. I also had the task of making 3 costumes for Halloween and now have mine and my husband's to make. They came out really good and the boys love them.

I had a website being designed for me professionally, but that did not work out and I was disappointed. I am trying a different route but will not be upset if I am stuff with the one I did myself.

My oldest has been sick for well over a week. That was no fun. I hate seeing my child suffer and to top it off the dr not doing anything about it when I asked him to. Knowing something was wrong with my son. A mother knows best! But the good thing is he is doing much better.

Only a week or so before my husband comes home. I miss him so much. The good thing is he will be home for Halloween. This will be the first in almost 5 years! So we are super excited about that.

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dippidy said...

Awesome! Glad he'll be home soon! I think I missed the Halloween costume pix. Did you post them?