Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Love FREE Coffee

Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE coffee. Starbucks is my preferred choice :)

But when I saw that I got get 3 boxes of coffee that you choose and a Stainless Steel coffee mug for $3.00 shipped, I was all over it.

Go here and sign up, choose your coffees and the mug and that's it.

I do recommend canceling your account after you get it if you are not interested in buying more from them. You will get monthly shipments if you do not.

I just got mine today and as soon as I did, I called their customer service and canceled my account. It was easy and fast and I have 3 boxes of coffee and a mug for $3.00 :)

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Southern Belle said...

Well, thanks for stopping by. That email was too funny and was sent to me on a day I was swamped with work. I needed the laugh it brought me that day. Too funny!