Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas Decorations and House Cleaning

I love Christmas. I love the atmosphere, the feeling, the decorations, food, family, you name it I love it.

I normally get started on pulling out the Christmas Decorations and slowly put them up. A little here and there and I have most of it done by the 1st or 2nd of December. I hope to get a real tree this year, never have had a real one. We will see. If we do I want the biggest we could fit on top of our van and get through the door. I have vaulted ceilings so a huge one would look so nice.
Here are some decorations I have made in the past. I prefer handmade over bought. I feel it adds more of a personal touch and so much fun to make.

I have decided to tackle the master bathroom. I had it really nice and clean and no clutter but I swear one thing gets left out and it multiplies like crazy. I really need to clean under the sink and get things out of there that are not needed or old and organize what I have so it is easier to find and use.

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