Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kmart Deals and babysittng

Yesterday I babysat a friends son. He is such a cutie. He was one of the best babies I have ever watched. The problem was my kids lol They had to be in the livingroom or out of it, causea gate had to be put up for the baby. This was tiring. I had to lift tem in and out all day! The dog had to be in the crate or he would have licked him to death.
I decided not to watch him anymore. Just was not fair to the kids. We would have to stay in the house for the whole time. I felt that it was selfish of me to offer to watch him and not think about the kids and how this would effect them.
I feel bad that I offered to do it and then it turn out not to work well for us.

Today I hit Kmart for their double coupon days! They will double a coupon up to $2.00. Thats $4.00 off! did great. You can only do 14 coupons so I am taking it a day at a time. I got few items today to get started and plan to go through all my coupons for the next 6 days. The shop I did today only cost me $2.28.

Here is what I got

2 Right Gaurd for men
1 bottle of Clearasil facial scrub
1 pack of dog treats
1 pack of disposable cleaning gloves

List of things to do today:

Clean upstairs bathroom
Put laundry away
Mow lawn
Go through coupons

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