Friday, June 5, 2009

Victoria Secret Score!

I don't buy expensive Bras and Panties. But I do like VS stuff, so when I can get it free or dirt cheap, I go for it.
First off, I went to VS today and used a coupon I got online for today only, and got 1 free Underwear. It was nothing fancy, but hey, it's VS and FREE.
Then I went online and looked up coupon codes for a great deal.
Found one for 25% off a clearance Bra or Panty, so I found one I liked and used the code, think the bra ended up being $14.99 Originally $30!
Then I used a code for a free Panty. On top of that I used a code for $10.00 off a purchase if you use your VS card. I did not have one, but applied for one and was approved. I plan to pay off this purchase and then cancel it.

The total for 1 bra and underwear was $11 shipped! This would have been easily $30 plus if I had not used these great codes and deals.

So for 3 items from VS for only $11, I am thrilled.

Here are the codes

25BRAPTY for 25% off 1 clearance bra or panty
SP918301 $10 off a order when using the VS credit card
PASS0609 Free panty The item code for this panty is 189-720 Its a certain style but you
can choose the color

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