Sunday, July 5, 2009

CVS shop 7-5-09 $0.00!!

I had a great day at CVS. I did not sed a dime OOP and I also earned quite a few ECB for my next trip back. I did have about 15 in ECB to spend this trip as well as a $3.00 off coupon so this helped me not spend a dime today.

Here is what I got and how much it cost me before ECB

* 2 Dawn Dish Liquid $1.50
* 3 Febreeze Noticables $7.50
* 2 Frbreeze Air effects $0.00
* 2 Febreeze Fabric spray $10.00
* 1 CVS panty liners $0.00
* 3 CVS transparent tape $0.00
* 2 Head and shoulders $4.99
* 1 Colgate toothpaste $ 2.49
* 1 CVS pencils $0.00

I earned over $28.46 for my next trip

I know it looks like I paid a lot but after coupons and the ECB I had from my last visit, I did not pay anything for all ofthis.


Michelle said...

That is awesome!! Can't believe it!

aquestforcents said...

Thanks for great ideas and tips. Love yer Blog!:)

aquestforcents said...

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Hope you take a peek:)