Thursday, July 2, 2009

Errands, grocery shopping and excited about Kmart

Today I ran some errands that needed to be done and then headed to the stores to get food for the week.
I am going to rant a little about my trip to Walmart. I am truly starting to hate shopping there and going to have to agree with my husband on how white trash that place is becoming. The people who work there are rude, the people who shop there are dirty, rude and just nasty.
The whole atmosphere is not what I want to be in when having to bring 3 kids into a store and spend 1 hour shopping. Just not worth my time and money. I rather spend more to have a better shopping experience.
I went to grab some meat for the meals I planned to cook this week. Took one look and threw that stuff right back into the bin. The ground beef was brown! Almost to the point of being grey! It had 3 more days before it was even suppose to be expired. How sick and gross is that? I refused to even grab ones that were "normal" looking, fearing that it too would turn that way and could make us sick if we ate it.
I guess I am going to have to spend more money on the food budget just to feel safe on what I am buying and to actually have a pleasant shopping experience. I am spending money and expect to have good food and environment.

Now I am excited about Kmart. they are going to be having their double coupon deals going on this Sunday. I can save up to $4.00 on items! I normally walk away paying less then a quarter for some things if not a penny. I stock up on shampoo, body wash and other hygiene items there for the price I can get it. I know, I'm a dork, but hey, my husband works very hard to make his money and I plan to do everything I can to spend it wisely.

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dippidy said...

Wow!! You're getting some amazing deals! Good job!!