Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sorry for the absence

About 4 days ago I had to turn in the laptop to the store to have the charger area fixed. It would not charge and this would be the 3rd time to get that specific place fixed. I had to take my sons PC hard drive and hook it up to the TV to get on. Not really a good thing when you have so much space to move from the tv with the keyboard.

I thought it would be a good time to buy a new laptop. My old one still has a good year of a warranty left on it but I cannot go 3 weeks at a time without my computer when this happens again. I use my laptop to pay bills and other important daily things.

I found one at best buy that fit my needs. It is white ( I wanted Pink but they did not have one) Its HP, I refused to buy another gateway (nothing but problems) It has enough options for me, I am not really into the fancy laptops since I do not use most of what it comes with.

Here is what I ended up getting.....

Its white, which was okay since I wanted to get away from the typical black laptop, something to stand out. So far so good.

My oldest will get the old laptop since he really wont be on it much and if it needs repairs again it wont be missed.


Robyn ...but call me Rob said...

Good for you girlie! :-) XO

Michelle said...

Hope this one works out better! I miss my laptop for sure, maybe Santa will get me one lol

helen said...

congrats on the new laptop! woo-hoo!