Wednesday, July 15, 2009


My 2 oldest boys wanted to go to the "summer camp" the rec center had. It read in the paper that there would be movies, crafts, swimming.... so I thought, that would be fun, cause some of those things I would not be able to do with 3 kids of all ages... They wanted t go and so I let them.

Well, the first day I was concerned that there were "kids" watching the children and addressed that right away. I was told some were and that most were over 18 and just looked young. So I thought, ok, we will see how that goes.

That same day my kids lost heir socks, my youngest had some kid knock his drink over cause he just felt like it and my kids were red in the face and all over their bodies from the sun. I asked if they put sunscreen on them and was told they did as best they could?? ok......

Well the second day I asked the "teachers" to make sure they got sunscreen on their faces cause of how burnt their skin was. Asked them to just make sure they kept their clothes in the bag o no more got lost.

I picked them up and my son had no underwear, it was lost or stolen (who knows) my kids faces were so red it was crazy!
My oldest was saying he was cold and didn't feelgood. He was burning up.... My youngest said some kid hit him in the face with a towel and that no "teacher" was around to tell. What??

They allowed my children to swim for hours in the pool without supervision, much less notice they were sick and red. That they were getting hit and lost their underwear!

I quickly called them to complain but f course by then they had left for the day. So I get a call this morning and I tell them my children will not becoming back and how upset I was at how they watched my children and how they were treated!

It is very hard for me to allow anyone to watch my kids. I am strict and very protective of them. I want the best and expect fr anyone who does watch them to take care of them as best as I would. This is the reason for why I am like this. Cause as soon as I trust someone they prove me wrong. I am made but glad they are okay.....

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