Thursday, July 9, 2009

Stupid laptop

Sorry I have not been keeping up with the blog. I really would like to be more detailed on what I do daily but my laptop is not working well, and it's hard to charge it. So I have to use my laptop time wisely... I have ordered a new charger but I fear this is not the reason, it might be the laptop itself. So we will see. I might be without a laptop for a few weeks if it is the laptop itself.

Dalton, my second son, started swim lessons today. I was afraid he would hate it and not go, but I asked him to try it and see how it was and he ended up loving it and cannot wait to go back. I was so proud of him, he did quite well for someone who has not swam in a "big" pool before. I hope that by the end of the 3 weeks he can go alone and feel confident in himself.

I really wish it would stop raining everyday. We cannot go to the waterpark, I cannot hang dry my clothes and we have to be in the house almost all day unless we have to leave. It gets boring and frustrating being in a house all day with 3 kids and they hate it. I hope for sunny days for the rest of the summer, or at least during the day.

Well, off to rearrange my living room. I can never keep things the same for too long, just a bad habit of mine.

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Michelle said...

I am the same way- things are always getting rearranged! Drives dh nuts!