Tuesday, September 1, 2009

CVS shopping trip

I have taken a leave of absence from CVS for the past 2-3 weeks. There was not really anything I needed or could get at a good price.

But since my ECB were due to expire today I went and grabbed some things I could use.

I did well for not having many coupons or deals lined up when I walked in.

Here is what I got:

* 2 Welchs Grape Jelly

Used 2 $.75 coupons

After coupons and ECB $2.50/2

* 1 Aquafresh whitening foam

After ECB $1.99

* 1 Sensodyne foaming gel

After ECB $1.99

* 1 Dawn dish liquid

Used $.25 coupon

After coupon $.72

* 1 Wet Ones (for the car)


* 1 Clairol Hair Dye

Used $4.00 coupon

After coupon and ECB got back $1.00!!

* 1 Colgate 2 pack toothbrushes

After ECB $2.99

* 2 Old Spice Ever Clear deodorants

After ECB $ 5.98

* 2 legal pads

B1G1 free

$ 3.49

I used all of my ECB that were due to expire and a GC that had $1.00 on it

After ECB and GC I paid $2.95

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