Saturday, August 22, 2009

Remodeling and a great buy

I have been so busy with opening up my new store (Thread and Needles) and getting some orders made that I have not been posting as much as I hoped.

We remodeled the pantry in the kitchen. It was quite boring and plain, with little shelf space that my wonderful husband remodeled it to have some color and more room.
I am very proud of the work he did and very happy with how it turned out.


After and our Dog Chocolates new home lol

We bought a nice washer and dryer set awhile ago and almost bought the storage units for underneath but they ran about $200 a peice (ouch) so we decided not to buy them.
We happen to spot 2 black storage units on clearence at Lowes for $20 a peice. What a great steal. Even though they did not match, we had plans to change that.
My husband bought spray paint that matched the color of our washer and dryer and changed them from black to silver to match. You cannot even tell the difference from the washer and dryer and the units.

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Robyn ...but call me Rob said...

Great job on both things Mel. Don't you love to $ave money?? LOL
The new store looks great too. You're all linked up on my site.