Monday, October 19, 2009

Busch Gardens Trip

Chris and I took a opportunity to go on a early vacation for our Anniversary coming up. It was a month early but with his job time never works out for us. With my mom graciously offering to watch all 3 boys so we could go alone, we went for 2 days and without the kids (gasp).

We had a awesome time. Going on a weekday really worked out well. No lines, no crowds, almost empty.

We started off the trip with riding a roller coaster. Let me say that I HATE roller coasters! And I mean HATE them. The one we rode looked nice from the outside until we got in the line. It looked worse as soon as we started up the ramp to get going. The roller coaster was wooden and long as heck. I think it took a total of 4 minutes from start to finish. I almost lost my glasses as soon as we took off lol and the whole ride was shaky and bumpy. I yelled "I hate you Chris" the whole ride... He made me get on. Curse that man.

When then got on the train and took it around half the park. That was relaxing and fun.

Our next stop was at the Congo river rapids. I remember going on this in High School when our school band took a trip there. Always seemed longer to me when we rode it back then but this time it was fast but just as fun. I got soaked! I almost made it through but right at the end the tube turned and under a waterfall I went.

While walking the park we happened to stop by a booth offering Safari Tours. It was a great price and since we didnt have the kids we decided to jump on the oppurtunity. I didn't really know what we would do or see but let me say that it was so worth it and tons of fun.
As soon as we got onto the open land we were greeted with about 8 giraffes. We were able to feed them and take pictures. They were so huge and in our faces the whole time. One licked my face lol It was a great experience.

The next day we had about 3 hours before we had to make the 4 hour drive home. So we watched a show on oldies music and dance. Then we walked the park and check out the monkey exhibit and took the sky rail to the end of the park so we could ride the log ride.

It was a great trip and we enjoyed the time alone. We have not been alone like that in a long time. being with the kids has always been important to us and we love going on trips with them to gain great memories as a family. I still cherish the ones I had with my family as a kid. But this was great and we really savored the moments we had with each other on this trip.

Next time we go, it will be with the kids :)

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katie said...

Oh, I'm so glad you had a good time. Looks like a blast! And yes, it is important to *not* be mommy/daddy for just a little while...and just be you and him. :-)