Saturday, October 24, 2009

Spooktacular at the Zoo

We took the boys to the Spooktacular at the zoo. This is the 3rd time we have gone and every year it gets better. This time was great since I had Chris there to help me, much easier with 4 hands then 2 when you have 3 kids.

We got there pretty early so the parking was easy. We went right on in and had to wait about 10 minutes for the gates to open.
The town was called Pumpkinville. They had over 300 carved pumpkins if not more. Very pretty at night.
We got our pictures taken half way through with a choice of background. I do not have it scanned yet to show but it was really cute. Too bad Andrew looked at his silly brother when the picture was taken.
We went through a abandoned Mine field, saw Trolls fighting, fairies, tree monsters, jesters and even frog royalty.

Then at the end we went through Pirates Cove where the kids got gold coins, pirate tattoo's and lots of candy.

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Michelle said...

Looks like so much fun! Great family picture!