Sunday, July 12, 2009

CVS shop 7-12 $2.83 plus $19.98 ECB back

I did quite well at CVS today. There was not much that I wanted but they did have great deals on school supplies. So since the boys will be headed back to school in less then a month, might as well grab some things. I like to give supplies to the past teachers the boys have had, so extra is always good.

Here is what I got and what I paid for it and how:

2 Caliber subject notebooks FREE

3 packs of pens FREE

2 Caliber kid scissors FREE

2 5oz glues FREE

2 rulers FREE

3 boxes of 20ct Electrsol tab $4.47

2 Gillette Fusion power razors 3.99

Not pictured was a gallon of milk I got for $1.79, can't beat that!

After sales, coupons an ECB I paid $2.83 and got $19.98 ECB for my next visit

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