Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pirates at the library and Lowes workshop

I did not have time yesterday to post about our fun day yesterday.

As soon as we woke up yesterday we ate breakfast and headed out to Lowes for their bi-weekly workshop for kids. Yesterday it was Treasure Chests. This is the first time I have dared to take all 3 boys alone to a place where there will be hammers, nails and just me :) But we had a good time. The two oldest did really well with their project. Dalton needed some help here and there but did quite well. Nic was good as he sat in the cat and watched (thank goodness).

After Lowes we headed up to take a break. I did some chores and worked on a special something for a friend.

Then at the last minute I decided to take the boys to the local library for their pirate craft day. They had a great time. Got swords, hooks, colored some pictures, put together fishing poles with fish, made some hats and played in the boat and had pirate fights....

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